Customer stories

The ILIAS Defense Platform has been designed from the start with the military end-user in mind. The commercial off-the-shelf software can be specifically configured to support the core processes of defense organizations, end-to-end. Since the mid-1990s, the platform has been enhanced and matured to satisfy defense customer’s individual needs with two releases per year; while always respecting international defense standards. 

The user community is at the heart of the ILIAS-vision and therefore ILIAS was looking for a way to develop a comprehensive online academy. They chose ODBL professional services to create ILIAS WISE, their online learning environment. The environment is offering 24/7 support to ILIAS users, providing them with detailed task documentation. The engine running the show is Attain, powered by ClickLearn. 

InnoEnergy is an investment organization to create sustainable energy in every possible way. 

With a yearly turnover of 40% new users of their accountability system, InnoEnergy was facing a major challenge. The noise of unhappy users was increasing every cycle in the complex business process. By implementing a digital guidance structure of guidance flows and smart information icons, the user experience has massively improved and the noise has died away. Data quality improvement quotes are still underway as we write this piece, but the first results are very promising. 

OdbL professional services has been responsible for the entire help design and implementation of all necessary help material. 

HTM, the Hague Tram Company, implemented a new purchasing platform, with complementary need for help material. To get the user quickly up to speed, the project team decided to create a number of video’s and instruction cards. 

OdbL professional services has been responsible for the scripting and development of the help video’s for the project.